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Nov 12, 2012 12:00pm EST
decade with no american troops fighting in iraq. >>> and this is video from the new york city veterans day parade. thousands lined the streets of manhattan sunday for the parade cheering and waving a flag. volunteers also collected winter coats for those in need nearly two weeks after storm sandy hit the area. >>> the hunt continues for the gunman who shot a taco bell manager in columbia, maryland. howard county police say two men confronted the manager outside the restaurant on minstrel way early yesterday and shot him several times. frantic employees ducked for cover and called police. the manager is hospitalized in critical condition. >>> a protest in florida was held on behalf of a man from bethesda, maryland. demonstrators gathered in west palm beach where the national symphony of cuba was making its first u.s. tour. they're protesting the imprisonment of bethesda resident alan gross. he's serving a 15-year sentence on charges he was trying to undermine the cuban government. he said he was only trying to provide internet service to cuba's small jewish community. >>> homeland secur
Nov 5, 2012 12:00pm EST
side, new york with information from there. -- staten island, new york with information from there. >> reporter: commuters had a chaotic commute into manhattan this morning. many were going back to work for the first time since sandy battered the city. many homes in new york and new jersey remainder without power. a nor'easter is expected to bring high winds and heavy rains to the area on wednesday. the hardest hit neighborhoods in staten island are trying to prepare for the worst while they begin to clean up. i'm standing on the foundations of a home picked up by the storm and swept away. it landed half a mile from here. the structure behind me is the second floor of a neighbor's home. pedro crier ray escaped the storm using a neighbor's roof as a life raft. >> reporter: you floated out of here on your neighbor's roof? with your bullfrog? >> it was safe. >> reporter: as many as 40 though new york city residents were left homeless by the storm. schools reopened today. city council speaker christine quinn helped serve breakfast at one public school. >> it is such a big problem that schools don't have heat. >> reporter: in new jersey there were signs the gas crunch is beginning to ease. almost 20 cars were lined up here while the gas stati
Nov 1, 2012 12:00pm EDT
, it is going to be a while before new york recovers. the city's road to recovery is literally gridlocked. subway trains began rolling a short time ago for the first time in 3 1/2 days. but service is limited. 14 out of the 23 subway lines are now running, but only in limited areas. multiple tunnels and stations remain flooded. authorities say that it will take a week just to pump out the water and then crews will begin assessing the damage and making repairs. >>> most of new jersey's barrier islands remain off limits after sandy. the massive storm left communities along the jersey shore devastated. allison harmlin reports that gas shortages across the state are now a big problem. >>reporter: people who live on long beach island are being forced to stay away, like many of new jersey's barrier islands, there's massive damage everywhere. homes are in pieces and huge amounts of sand are in the streets. residents who decided to ride out sandy on the island are now working together to pick up the pieces. >> everyone whose business depends on the summer, thank god they got their summ
Nov 15, 2012 12:00pm EST
. >>> president obama is visiting new york city today. he's getting an update from local officials on superstorm sandy's recovery efforts and the cities most outer burro. randall pinkston talked to staten island residents about the visit. >> reporter: rudy is glad the president is looking at the damage. some relates say fema and private groups have not done enough to get them back on their feet. more than two weeks since the storm, thousands who have homes remain without power and heat. >> everything thinks they're going to be first in line. there's people who need assistance a lot faster than others, eventually they're going o to get to everybody. >> i'm just about this far from the ceiling fan. >> reporter: bob and maxsine road the storm on a foam mattress. they are satisfied with the government's response so far. >> i think it was slow at first. i think once everything kicked in, you know, it was overwhelming. >> reporter: 47,000 new yorkers have applied for housing help, the displaced residents are frustrated and exhausted. they want fema to act faster. >> i see e them takeing publics but i
Nov 9, 2012 12:00pm EST
has to end in an odd number if you want to buy gas in new york or long island. tomorrow, the even numbers will get their turn. maybe and new york city is hoping this system will ease some of the growing frustration from residents there. that's because right now, only 25% of the gas stations are open in new york city. the severe gasoline shortage was of course caused by the damage and the power outages associated with superstorm sandy. new jersey started the same rationing system a few days ago. >>> and you can help people struggling to recover from sandy with just a click of the mouse. log on to facebook and like us on our facebook fan page,'s fan page, and we ll donate a dollar to the american red cross for each click. >>> when the news continues at noon, our update on our colleague briewsh bruce la shan and what he and his family are dealing with after a tree almost destroyed their house during hurricane sandy. >>> plus we will speak to former republican presidential candidate newt gingrich and his wife is here, and they will talk about pearpship and they have books coming out. we will get it all in when we come back. >>>
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5